We have talked about specialty media and paper before but let’s look at several types that you can use to increase income or limit costs, depending on your business needs. Many of our printers can use specialty media and you can find the recommended media and paper lists on the Supplies Recommended Media List (RML) page.  These lists contain the paper that has been tested for optimal use in your Xerox printer. Simply find your product and review the list to see the possibilities for your machine.

There are so many types of media available today.  It used to be plain paper and maybe a transparency or envelope were usable in printers. Today there are such things as water and tear resistant paper for everything from menus to all-weather tags for plants or outside signage.  Some of our printers can print window clings and magnets as well, for great advertising and promotional possibilities.  Take a look at the video below that walks you through many of the varied media options available.  Now not all media shown in the video will be recommended for all printers.  Specialty media can be used in printers from Phasers to Production Printers and everything in between but not all media can be used in all printers.

So many interesting possibilities in that video. One of the main things to remember when using specialty media is to set the paper setting correctly on the printer to get the optimum output.  Information for loading media and setting the correct settings are available on some of the RMLs and in the support pages for your machine.  To explore the different media review the Domtar site.  Domtar is our partner in all things paper and media.

Remember you can get additional information and instructions from the Online Support site for your machine, the RML site, ask a question on the Customer Support Forum or contact your local support centre.