Let Xerox Show You Color with Confidence

color confidenceColor can be complicated. In the world of Digital Printing consistent color is what you need for your varied customers and the vast variety of documents created.  This is where confident color can be an asset to you and your customers.   What is Confident Color? — Confident color is a collection of technology, consulting expertise, business development tools, custom solutions, and partners to help you manage and produce the best color possible.  Our full range of production color printers are supported by the tools and technology available with Confident Color.

The confident color website will detail the tools available to help you deliver every job with the confidence that your colors will remain consistent from the first print to the last.  On the website you will find helpful videos that will explain some of the available tools.  Many brochures are available that outline the tools and services. There is also information on how to leverage your color printer(s) to grow your color printing business.  Consider reviewing the site to see if some of the information might help you and your customers with color projects.

Take a look at this video for an overview of confident color.

Check out the Confident Color website to see the color certifications. Information about color consulting and customized solutions are on the site for your review.   You can also find information about color on the support website for your specific machine.

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  1. Janet Campeas July 22, 2016 - Reply

    Very interesting! After working at XEROX for 17 years in their Publishing Company, I started working at Pantone, in New Jersey, who originated the color system (PMS) that you show on your post. Life has its winding twists and turns!

    • Cheryl Otstott July 27, 2016 - Reply

      Hi Janet,
      Thanks for reading the At Your Service blog. Yes life is very winding and twisty some times. Congratulations on the position at Pantone.

  2. […] The machine uses multiple types of media including coated and uncoated papers, glossy brochures, window decals, durable/synthetic papers, and tabs just to name a few.  Mixed stock jobs are supported. The press has a wide array of finishing options as well. Vivid, outstanding color is provided with the use of the Xerox Confident Color.  Xerox Confident Color is a set of color management technologies that were discussed in a recent blog article Let Xerox Show You Color with Confidence. […]

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