Address books on the Xerox Multifunction devices are used with the Fax feature and the e-mail feature.  Address books can make it easy to send documents from the machine without having to type in the entire address every time.   It is best to populate your address book with the numbers and addresses that you use most.  Think of it just like the contact list on your smart phone or the contact list on the e-mail application on your PC.

The way the numbers and addresses are added to the address book vary by machine.  Please search on “Address Book” on the support page for your machine for complete instruction for inputting addresses, setting up groups and sending using the address book.  We have all the steps you will need to get the most out of your address book.

On some of the machines the Local Address Book consists of a text file in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. The majority of word processing or spreadsheet applications allow a CSV file to be created.  You can create your address book as a csv file and then upload the file to your machine through the CentreWare Internet Services(CWIS) for the machine.  The instructions and format for the creating the csv files can be found in the support page(s) for your machine.

Sending information using the address book is a quick and easy method for sending the items.  I have included a video that show how to send using the address book.  Your screens may vary depending on the model of machine and the features you have available.

Consider using the address book feature.  It will make sending e-mails and faxes quick and easy.