We have talked scanning several times on this blog and it seems to still be a popular subject. So I am happy to present you with a new video that will walk you through the steps to setup scan to file using SMB. This video is courtesy of our support analysts in Canada. You can find this video on the video tab of the machines that have the scan to file using SMB ability or simply watch it here, I have posted it below.

As always you can find the written instructions on the online support page for your machine but the video just gives you a different way to view the steps. The screen – by – screen instructions may help you navigate all the steps involved a little easier. Another resource is the blog article about SMB scanning which was part 4 of our scanning series from last year at this time.

Other issues with SMB scan to file can be found by searching for “SMB” on the Xerox Support Community Forum. You will be presented with a list of posts about SMB scanning and might be able to find exactly what you need. If not you can register for the Forum, its fast and easy, and post your own question. Finally if you still have questions you can contact your local support centre. One way or another we can get you scanning!

Please let us know if you find the video helpful and if you would like to see more like this by leaving us a comment.