Change the Xerox Global Print Driver From Basic Print Mode

Questions come in about how to get a product specific interface when you use the Global Print driver. Well the main thing to remember is that you need to select the correct printer model in the driver. If your model machine is fully supported by the Global Driver then you can get an interface similar to what you would see with the product specific driver and not just the basic print mode interface. You can check to see if your model is fully supported by navigating to the Global Print driver page and selecting the Compatible Products tab. Now let’s go over the steps directly from the support page for the driver to change the driver to the specific printer model.

Change the Print Driver From Basic Print Mode to a Specific Printer Model on a Windows OS and Confirm the Installable Options
NOTE: System Administrator rights may be required to make changes on the Driver.
For Global Print Driver PCL6 Driver:

  1. Click on [Start].
  2. Select [Devices and Printers].
  3. Right click on the Print Driver and select [Printer Properties].
  4. Select the [Options] tab
  5. Expand [Device Options]
  6. Under [Configuration] Select the Correct Model of the Printer.
  7. Click on [Apply] and [Ok].

For Global Print Driver Postscript:

  1. Click on [Start].
  2. Select [Devices and Printers].
  3. Right click on the Print Driver and select [Printer Properties].
  4. Select the [Administration] tab.
  5. Expand [Configurations].
  6. Under [Configuration] Select the Correct Model of the Printer.
  7. Click on [Apply] then [Ok].

Set Installable Options:
NOTE: After the printer is installed, it is important to make sure the settings for the Installable Options (such as an optional paper tray or Duplex Unit) are correct. By default, bi-directional communication is enabled so the correct settings should automatically be selected; however, it is recommended to verify these settings.

  1. From the computer, open the Printers window.
  2. Select the required printer, and then click on the [Preferences] or [Properties] button. The Preferences or Properties window will be displayed.NOTE: For Windows 7, select [Printer Properties].
  3. Click on the [Configuration] tab.
  4. Click on the [Installable Options] button.
  5. Select the options that are installed on the printer from the following options Paper Trays:
    • 2 Trays
    • 3 Trays
    • 3 Trays (High Capacity)
    • 4 Trays
    • 4 Trays (High Capacity)
    • 5 Trays
    • 5 Trays (High Capacity)
    • 6 Trays
    Finisher / Output Tray:
    • Main Tray
    • Finisher Tray
    • Mailbox
    Optional Duplex Unit:
    • Installed
    • Not Installed
    Optional Hard Drive:
    • Installed
    • Not Installed
    Hole Punch Unit
    High Capacity Feeder
  6. Click on the [OK] button.
  7. Click on the [Apply] button to save any changes.
  8. Close the Printers window.

The options you have will vary from this list depending on the options available for your printer and / or purchased for your product.
Once these changes have been made the interface you will see when printing will look similar to the interface from the product specific driver.
If you have additional questions about this process please consider reviewing the Overview and White Paper for the Xerox Global Print Driver, contacting your local support centre or post a questions on the Xerox Customer Support Forum Community.

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  1. Joel White May 12, 2020 - Reply

    This is greyed out if you use the Xerox Global Print driver on a print server. Even at the print server. What driver should i use?

    • Cheryl Otstott July 17, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Joel,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. You can try a product specific driver if you just have one family of printer. If you have several different printers the Global Print Driver is your best option. If the option is greyed out remove / uninstall the driver. Make sure that you reinstalled using the newest version from June of 2020. If that does not fix the problem please consider contacting your local support centre for further assistance.

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