Have You Ever Been Held Up by Your Xerox Printer?

I have been held up by my printer. I’m not talking about “Stop! This is a hold-up give me all your toner and no one gets hurt!”. I’m talking about the “job held for resources” message that can pop up when printing. It is annoying but it is not the machine’s fault. It just means that the paper in the machine is either not right for the job you have submitted or else the paper trays have not been setup properly. Both of these issues are easy fixes and you can be back to printing in no time if you know what to do.

You can find instructions on fixing this issue on the support page for your machine. Simply search on “held for resources” without the quotation marks and you get instructions on how to resolve the message. Below is a video that walks you through some of the steps to take to fix this issue. Remember the screens in the video may vary from your model but the concept is the same.

The main thing to remember is that the color, type and size of the paper selected in your program needs to be the same as the paper in the tray to which you are printing. If the color and type are not a concern you can use auto settings. But if you need a specific type and color then those must be defined correctly in the trays. If you have additional questions about the job held for resources you can contact your local support centre or you can ask your questions over on the Customer Support Community.

Don’t be held up by your printer!!
A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

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  1. JACKIE LORE ( Male, not Female) October 16, 2017 - Reply

    Dear Cheryl-O,
    I use a LAPTOP ( DELL ) as my stationary computer at home.
    I have had a XEROX Work Center PE !6 for several years, and have enjoyed every moment of use.
    It still appears as new.
    Since Office 10 was introduced, I was notified that the PE-!6 was not compatible with this level of Office 10.
    My daughter purchased a new, small, Korean work center, to save the day.
    Now I cry every day.
    Everything is wrong. Printing, quality, size, expensive small toner; Nothing is favorable. Printouts are poor.
    The far East logic is impossible to understand.
    With the PE 16 I was as at home as a fish in water. It still sits on my desk, and I use it for print-outs and copying.
    I am not willing to give it up.
    It can not be possible that XEROX have made this happen to cause people such as myself, NOW 84 years old, to have an only alternative- – – and that is to buy a new one.
    I require help from you to up-grade this P E 16 so that I may enjoy my years with such a great ” XEROX”
    Hoping to get some positive feedback from you.

    • Cheryl Otstott October 20, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Jackie,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. Have you tried the Global Print Driver? According the information I have your WorkCentre PE16 is supported with the global driver. If you go to the Global Print Driver site and scroll down and click on compatible products you will see your machine listed. We have not forgotten about our loyal users! Please try the Global driver and if you have additional questions for using the driver please consider posting a question on the Xerox Community Support Forum.

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