Have you ever seen the error message Remote Directory Lock Failed? It can be frustrating. You may see this message when you are scanning and be unable to continue scanning. Let’s take a look at the things to check.

First ask your network person if any upgrades have been performed on the server. Sometimes the error will occur if an upgrade has occurred and the permissions, path or settings on the share folder are no longer correct.

Next make sure you are using the latest firmware for your model machine. You can check for firmware on the support page for your machine.

If the scan still fails with the Remote Directory Lock Failed message locate and delete any file with the .lck extension in the scan folder. When a scanned document is being processed, a file with a .lck extension is placed in the document folder to prevent any simultaneous processing from taking place. The .lck file has the same name as the scan job file. Normally, the .lck file is deleted once all processing is complete. If the .lck file is not deleted, it may indicate that the document directory was in use at the time that the scanner attempted to lock it. If a .lck folder or file remains in the document folder, delete it manually to eliminate this error message.

Other items to check include:

  • Make sure the user account used by the printer has rights to read, write, and delete files and directories within this directory path.
  • Make sure there is adequate space remaining in the scan repository.
  • Delete some existing files from the scan folder, and attempt to scan. If deleting the existing files allows scanning to be successful, it is most likely a space issue.
  • Check the document path field. The document path should only have subfolders names as specified on the destination computer.
    for Example: C:\Foldername1\foldername2\foldername3 is the incorrect format. foldername1/foldername2/foldername3 is the correct format.
    Note: This would only apply if the scans are going to a folder below the Share or Root folder. If the scans are going directly to the Share folder, leave the Document Path field blank.

These are some of the possible causes for the remote directory lock failed message. If none of the solutions or reasons above help you resolve your issue please search for the message in the online support for your machine or contact your local support centre. If you have successfully resolved this problem share your solution in the comments below someone will be glad that you do!