Today I want to discuss searching on the Xerox Support Community forum. I hope that by now you are familiar with the Xerox Support Community if not let me explain. The Xerox Support Community is a forum where you can post questions anytime and receive answers or advice from other forum members. But what I want to concentrate on today is searching the Xerox Support Community.

The Xerox Support Community search feature will let you search other people posts for the answers you may be needing. The search box is in the upper left and will provide suggestions as you type in your search terms. I suggest that you search on keywords for your problem, for instance “scanning using FTP” or “unable to print PDF”. If you search just on your machine for instance “Phaser 6505 unable to print PDF” you may miss something that could help you. Even if an answer is for another machine it might help you or at least point you in the right direction so try to broaden your search. Please read our tip about how to search for more details.   To the right is a screenshot of the search. Please click on the picture to the right to see the image in a larger view.Forum Search

When you find an answer that helps you give that post a kudos so others know it helped you or if the solution is not marked as a solution mark it as a solution so that others know it worked. To give kudos or mark a post as a solution you will need to be logged in. We hope that you will register so that you can post questions or answers, give kudos and mark post as solutions. But you can search and lurk without signing up or signing in.

The Xerox Support Community is one more tool in the arsenal of tools we offer to help you find the answers you need on your time and on your terms. Please consider becoming an active member of the community today!