Have you used CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS)? CWIS is a very useful tool available on Networked printers. CWIS is the embedded HTTP server application that resides in the printer. Internet Services allows Administrators and Users to modify network and system settings on the printer from the convenience of their computers. The CWIS allows you to program and check the status of the machine from the comfort of your office or cubicle. I love this feature because I can do so many things without having to touch the printer. This can save me time and the CWIS interface is so easy to use. I can check the status of the printer, the paper trays and the consumables. I can check settings and actually change settings from the CWIS screens. Please be aware that some changes may require the Administrators password. I can even upgrade the machines firmware from the CWIS.

Pretty much anything you can do from the User interface of the machine you can do from the CWIS. All you need is the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the machine and you can access the CWIS. The IP address will be a number split into octets. Example: 123.456.789. Why are these 3 digit sets separated by decimal points called octets and not triads? Good question, the answer is each set of 3 numbers is 8 bits of information so they are called octets, okay granted that is a little confusing but all you really need to know is the IP address and you are in the CWIS.

How? Well simply open up a web browser of your choice, Internet Explorer, FireFox, or any other browser and enter the IP address in the Address field and press Enter / Return. The IP address of your machine can be found on the Settings or Systems report. These easy steps will take you to the CentreWare Internet Services where you will see several tabs that will allow you to program many functions of your machine. Please take a look at this feature and head on over to the Support page for your machine and search on CWIS to see all the things that can be accomplished using this interface. Explore the possibilities!!!

Below is a graphic of the main screen for CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS). Disclaimer: not all machines will have the CWIS, your window may look different depending on the model of your machine and browser being used, 4 out 5 dentists agree, images may be larger than they appear, and results may vary. (Just making sure you’re paying attention!!)