Sagemcom XMediusCLOUD Fax and Your Xerox Multifunction Printer

I want to talk to you about a new fax program XMediusCLOUD fax by Sagemcom. Why in 2015, well into the digital media age, are we still talking about faxing? Here are a few reasons:

  • Fax is legally binding – a signed fax is as good as the original in many countries.
  • Fax are traceable – you can prove that a fax was sent or received with the fax log.
  • Fax transmissions are immune to viruses and malware.
  • Fax is embedded into many business processes today.
  • Fax can effectively communicate complex information including text, diagrams, pictures and handwritten notes.

You can hardly open a bank account, refinance a mortgage, buy a car, or submit an insurance claim without having to send a fax at some point in the process. In some countries like Canada and Germany, they require signed documents for stock trades, change of address, and other relatively mundane tasks. No you can’t just call them. They need it in writing and signed, so fax is still a viable, if not required, function.

XMediusCLOUD fax by Sagemcom offers enterprise level faxing from a secure cloud platform. It delivers all of the benefits of a local network fax server without the upfront costs.
XMediusCLOUD fax solution offers extensive faxing capabilities directly from desktops, online applications, mobile devices and network-enabled multifunction printers (MFPs) that is where your Xerox multifunction printer comes in to play. XMediusCLOUD fax is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes since it offers unlimited scalability and can be easily adjusted based on changing fax needs.

CQ9300In addition to basic enterprise faxing that is available through all network enabled MFPs; organizations can further enhance their productivity with the help of the specially developed XMediusCLOUD fax Xerox EIP connector that brings the full power of the XMediusCLOUD fax solution right to the MFP display.

To find out about the features and compatibility please read the brochure or navigate over to the XMediusCLOUD fax solution page. At the XMediusCLOUD Fax site select the Compatibility tab to see the list of Xerox multifunction printers that are compatible with the software solution. Technical support is available by navigating to the support site at XMediusCLOUD.

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