We are still seeing issues when printing with the Calibri font. This issue has been around for a while but is still showing up in the Xerox Customer Support Forum. I will try to explain the issue and the resolutions that our support personnel and our customers have found to fix the issue.

The issue seems to show up as printing issues most often when Office 2010 documents are being printed through Windows Server 2003 or 2008 print server. The symptoms range from certain letters for example i’s and t’s not printing, invalid font errors, print error fault codes of 116-324 or 016-720 and jobs not printing at all. The issue seems to stem from a mismatch of the Calibri font from the application to the server.

So what does all this mean for you? If you are experiencing any of these issues there are answers, please consider looking at the article from Microsoft concerning this issue. This is a known issue to Microsoft.
To resolve the issue, according to Microsoft, try one of the following options:

  • Install Office 2010 fonts on the print servers (recommended).
  • Bypass the print servers and print directly to the printers.
  • Use an alternative to the Calibri font.

Please refer to the Microsoft.com website to obtain the most current information. Search for “Office 2010 printing errors with the Calibri font”.

Another option to try to remedy the problem is to disable “Advanced Printing Features” allowing the job to process on the client. The picture below shows an example of where this setting would be disabled. The setting is found on the advanced tab of the printer properties. If you choose this option you may lose booklet and watermark functions on some printers. The picture below may look a little different on your computer depending on which machine and driver version you are using.

Advanced printing

For this Calibri font issue you can search on the Xerox online support for your product, search for posts on the Xerox Community Support Forum or call your local support centre. Alternately, search Microsoft support online or contact them directly for more information.