Remote Print Services: Giving You More Up Time and Productivity.

This isn’t my first time blogging about Remote Print Services, but it is a such a great offering I think it deserves another review.

What exactly is Remote Print Services? If you had to guess by the name you may think that it is a way that you could email your documents and they would then be magically printed and delivered to your desk. Well, that would be a nice guess, but you would be wrong. That’s ok though, that’s what I am here for. Remote Print Services will allow your network-connected Xerox printers practically manage themselves.
The suite of remote services includes:

Automated Meter Reads: Eliminate manual steps involved in collecting and reporting meter reads. You’ll also ensure invoices are accurate when you automate the meter reading and submission process. Eliminating the manual process leaves you more free time to get your work done.

Automatic Supplies Replenishment: Getting supplies just got easier. Your printer will notify us when you’re running low on ink or toner. We’ll automatically ship you supplies without you having to place an order. This comes in handy because with how busy the work day gets, ordering ink may end up pretty low on your priority list.

Remote Diagnostics: Get a quick, accurate diagnosis of printing issues when our service representative remotely gathers specific service data about your printer. Because sometimes when that thingy on the top of your machine jams and then you get that message, or was it a fault code? Not sure what that was? You can see how Remote Print Services may let the more technical folks know what the problem is and solve it much faster. This will help you enjoy more uptime and productivity, which is something I am sure we can all use.

Now you are thinking, “Alright, how do I sign up?” I thought you’d never ask!

Get Started
Follow these steps to get up and running with Xerox Remote Print Services.

1.  Ask your Sales Representative to register you for Xerox Device Agent (XDA) Lite software—a free download.  Find a sales representative

2.  Follow the instructions in your XDA Lite registration confirmation email to download and install the XDA Lite software. If you need further assistance during installation, please reference the XDA Lite User Guide, which I conveniently have posted the URL below.

Download the XDA Lite User guide

There is also a great video on our YouTube channel that may also help you sign up to XDA Lite: Configure Xerox Device Agent (XDA)-Lite Application.


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