Color, it can attract, influence, and even increase retention.  Color is a powerful tool for any business.  The way you present your company’s ideas with the use of color in printed material is becoming an increasingly  important issue.  Studies find that using color in your documents is both impactful and influential.  Xerox commissioned a study online by Harris Interactive about why your boss should let you print in color.  To the right is a graphic with the findings, please click on the picture to view an enlarged version of the graphic. Xerox-color-printing-business-behavior-and-effects-infographic-prv

Let’s look at a few of the findings. In the study it was found that 25% of the respondents print using color to improve retention but in the survey 69% of the respondents stated that they understand new ideas better when they are presented in color.  It would seem to make sense that printing in color will help to get your ideas and messages read, understood and remembered.  In the study 21% of the respondents print in color to reduce search time but the study found that 76% of the respondents think they can find information faster if it is printed in color.  So wouldn’t it make sense to print things in color so that more people can find the information that you are trying to share with them in less time?

Research has shown that using color in business can dramatically improve communication, enhance productivity, and boost sales. So as color becomes increasingly affordable and easier to control there will be an ever-increasing use of color in printed material.  Xerox provides many printers and multifunction printers that provide color printing.  As Xerox also offers our Confident Color tools to provide the best possible color.   Shouldn’t your business take a closer look at color?

I have included a video overview of Confident Color – Enjoy!