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Let’s talk about books.  I know many people are moving away from the traditional book with pages, binding and the ever present danger of a paper cut.  But I love books and sometimes I need to copy something out of a book or a magazine.  Well your Xerox multifunction printer or Xerox copier has a way to copy just what you need from a bound original.  There is a book copying option on many of our machines that allows you to copy the left or right hand side of a bound original on the copy glass or both pages at once.  You can even erase the binding area, the area where the book comes together, to remove the “shadow” that shows up on copies of a bound original.

The video below, though designed for a ColorQube 9200 series, will show you the basics of copying a bound original on Xerox Multifunction printers.  As always you can find out further information about this feature in the documentation for your machine or on the support page for your machine.

Another feature available on many of the multifunction printers and copiers is a way to copy pages to create a booklet.  We spoke a few weeks ago about printing booklets.  Now let’s look at copying pages to produce booklets, This feature is great for programs, pamphlets, and other types of booklets.  You can use one or two-sided originals and the machine will scan the originals and then automatically reduce and arrange the images in the right order so that a booklet is created when the copied set is folded in half.  The number of originals should be a multiple of four.  I know please no math, but if the original page count is not a multiple of four blank pages will automatically be added.  On some machines an optional finisher is required to copy to a booklet format.  I have included a video that was created for the WorkCentre 5735/40/45/55.  The instructions may be similar on your model.  Please review the steps for booklet creation when copying in your manual or on the online support site for your machine.

As always if you need assistance or have questions please contact customer support or ask your question of other users in our community support forum.

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