Co-written with Carmen Bottini

LogMe inHave you ever wished that the Xerox Support person you call for support could be right next to you when trying to troubleshoot a problem? Or that the support person could actually control the laptop/PC you are using to interact with your printer?  Well as much as we would like to, we cannot beam our support staff to your location. But we can supply the next best thing.  We can “Remotely” beam them to you!!.  Our phone support personnel have a special weapon in their arsenal that allows them to log in to your computer and remotely “see” and set-up your system so your Xerox printers work together with your other business devices.  Xerox Remote Support (powered by LogMeIn-Rescue) allows our support personnel to “take over” your computer or Smartphone in order to view configurations, load software, send support URLs, and perform many other problem resolution processes.  This ability saves you time and effort and allows for a hassle free experience. You do not have to describe everything you see on your screen or try to find the setting we need. The ability for Xerox to view/control your equipment lets us see what we need to know to correct your issue.  Xerox Remote Support does away with the process of relaying directions over the phone when trying to rectify issues with connecting to and utilizing Xerox printers and multifunctional devices.  The Xerox support personnel can drive your system and you can sit back and watch. 

So what is the benefit for using Xerox Remote Support?  It can reduce the amount of time it takes to solve your issue because the Xerox support representative can actually see your system as though they were in the room with you.  They can check the configuration without you having to search and tell them the settings they need. Remote Support may even help you avoid a time-consuming and expensive site visit from Xerox personnel.  Instead of having to send someone out to your location we can log in to the system and correct the issue. Now of course we would love to visit with you in person but this will get you quicker results.  If a support representative asks if they can use Xerox Remote Support consider how much time and effort this program can save you. The support person will send you a website and a password or pin number to sign on to the site and allow the representative access to your equipment and begin the process. Until we prefect teleportation à la Star Trek this is a great alternative to get your system up and running. 

Xerox Remote Support is a very secure system that has been used tens of thousands of times. On top of that, Xerox cannot take over your equipment without permission from you. You control the access that your Xerox representative or support person has to your system and you can end the session at any time. You will be on the phone while Xerox support is accessing your machine so that they can explain step by step what they are doing.  So not only will you get the problem fixed you might learn something you did not know.  So next time you have a situation that could benefit from Xerox Remote Support give it a try. Read all about the Xerox Remote Support process by accessing this linked document: Xerox Remote Support .