Printing With Xerox Print Drivers in Citrix®

networkSome of you work in the Citrix environment and from time to time have questions about printing to your Xerox multifunction device or printer from Citrix.  A new document “Helpful Hints for Printing in Citrix® Using Xerox® Print Drivers” is available and will help you or your System Administrator with some helpful information about printing. 

The document contains a section of helpful tips and hints for issues you may see when printing from Citrix through a Xerox print driver.  The section includes information about behaviors that have been seen, a system configuration confirmation, and the expected outcome or a suggested configuration change to resolve issues. 

There are several ways and printer connection types that can be used in the Citrix environment.  Xerox recommends using either Auto Created Printers or Session Printers.  Both of these methods are explained in the new document.

The document also covers the installation of the Xerox print drivers on a Citrix server.  Some of this information is available in the online support pages for the machines that support the Citrix environment.  But it is great to have it all in one location in the “Helpful Hints for Printing in Citrix® Using Xerox® Print Drivers” document. 

 I hope you find this document helpful if you work with Citrix. As always you can find more answers in the online support for your machine or you can post questions in the Xerox Support Forum Community.


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  1. Navi September 2, 2015 - Reply

    when printing from Citrix to a 3655, the job in the print que needs to be released on the device as it is asking for media different to that in the machine.
    The paper attributes have been set on the printer and the driver to print to next available size..does not help as the job still ” hangs” until released

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