Ping – Testing Network Communication with Your Xerox Printer

Have you ever felt like your printer or multifunction device was ignoring you or just not “talking” to the network?  Maybe it won’t print or scan, or maybe you are receiving error messages.  Well one easy test you can do to see if the printer is playing nice or listening to the network is the Ping test. A ping test is a test used to check the network connectivity. To perform this test all you need is the IP address of the printer.  You can find the IP address by printing out the system settings or configuration report.  For instructions on printing this report, go to the support page for your machine and search on configuration report or system setting report. 

The Ping test can be done on Windows or the Mac OS and is the same for all products. The instructions for the ping test are available on the support page for your machine, simply search on “ping” for the full instructions.  Basically on Windows  you will type the word ping a space and then the IP address of the printer at a Command / DOS prompt.  You will then receive one of 4 possible responses.  Ultimately what you want to see is “Reply from (the IP address of the printer): bytes=32.  This response would mean that the computer received a response from the machine assigned that particular IP address.  This would mean the network communication with the device is hunky dory.  Below is a screenshot of the command prompt and the ping command, your IP address will vary. 


But if things are still not working properly then it may be that you have a duplicate IP address, meaning two or more items on the network have the same IP address.  To check for this you can disconnect the network cable from the printer and ping again.  If you receive the “Reply from” message then another device has the same IP address and one of them will need to be changed.  The response “Request timed out” would be a good thing here as it would mean there is not another device with the same IP address. Make sure to reconnect the network cable to your printer.  Your System Administrator can help you with the results of the ping test and next steps.  Or you can find answers on the support page for your machine or contact support for further information or questions. 

Happy Pinging!!

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  1. Makuer Marrur November 14, 2014 - Reply

    i have a problem with my printer, i have printed the configuration page which show the IP address and when configured it with my computer and try and print the test page it is printing only one line infront of the paper with symbols.

    thanks regard

    • Cheryl Otstott November 17, 2014 - Reply

      Hi Makuer,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. You do not mention which machine you are using but I would suggest using the PCL driver. If you are using the PostScript driver your machine may not have the PS option installed. Not all machines have the PS option installed. If this does not help please consider contacting your local support.

  2. Iman Ghaly November 20, 2015 - Reply

    I have Xerox 6027 and I can not send fax because I do not have IP Address

  3. Ian Lees March 31, 2017 - Reply

    I telephoned Xerox, who sent me through India to US of A and still the Xerox Workstation rfuses to print. The Error message is “your yellow toner needs to be reset and turn machine off. If this continues contact support at Xerox ” . I did nothing happened ! The Xerox still refuses to print . Does anyone know a good repair engineer who can look into this most expensive printer ?

    • Cheryl Otstott March 31, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Ian,
      Thank you for reading the blog. You do not mention which machine you are using so I really can’t offer any troubleshooting assistance. You will need to locate a local Xerox re-seller or contact your local support centre to request a technician.

  4. Aws Nabeel April 17, 2017 - Reply

    I Have work centre 7225. its take an ip from DHCP but i cant reach the printer throgh th IP also i have contacted the supplier he suggest to assign static IP also i do that but problem still present.

    finaly i make dignose on the printer for network echo test its “echo test faild”

    Kindly your assistant.


    • Cheryl Otstott April 28, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Aws,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. If the echo test is failing as you mention please check the network cable and make sure it is connected securely and look over the solutions for not printing from the network to try and narrow down the issue. If you are unable to successfully ping the printer please have your network admin take a look or contact your local support centre.

  5. Firaz Mohammed May 27, 2020 - Reply

    My Xerox 5865 cannot print or scan. I can ping the printer, i can access the web console. I see the print jobs showing as completed on the printer but it is not printing.

    • Cheryl Otstott July 28, 2020 - Reply

      Hi Firaz,
      Thank you for reading the blog. First make sure the date and time on your server and on the WorkCentre 5865 are set within a minute of each other. Adjust the time on the printer if they are off. If that is not the issue please consider removing the printer and scan drivers from the PC and then follow the instructions for installing print and scan drivers. If these articles do not help please consider contacting your local support centre for additional assistance.

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