tabletAirPrint™ is a driverless printing technology from Apple.  The technology let’s Apple devices print to the AirPrint compatible devices without installing drivers or downloading software.  The Apple devices that support this technology are iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and even Mac® OS X®.  The new Xerox® ConnectKey™ devices have been updated with the .dlm AirPrint enablement software.  To see if your machine does or can support this technology please review the ConnectKey portfolio.

This new technology can be helpful to all your employees and customers that utilize the Apple products that use AirPrint.  There is a comprehensive document that explains all the requirements for use of the technology.  The Xerox devices have AirPrint enabled by default.  But if for some reason the features is not enabled the document also includes all the set-up information you need to enable and configure your Xerox ConnectKey device. 

The document also walks you through the steps to print from the various Apple devices that use the AirPrint technology.  A troubleshooting section is included to help you figure out any problems or issues you have with using AirPrint.  If you are or want to use AirPrint I know that you will find this document very useful.  

Most of the ConnectKey devices that support the AirPrint have solutions in the Online support  for enabling and configuring the machines with AirPrint.  There are also AirPrint solutions on the Xerox Support Community Forum.  If AirPrint is something you would like to use give it a try with your Xerox ConnectKey Device.