Holiday Time is Template Time

peaceThe holidays have crept  up on us again!!  I don’t know about you but I find it hard to believe this week is Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.  Yes, Hanukkah starts tomorrow on the night before Thanksgiving this year.  It is a rare occurrence, you can learn more about the anomaly on many different online sites.  I enjoyed the explanation and information on the Hanukkah site.   Since Thanksgiving is so late this year it is then  just a short time till Christmas, Kwanza and the New Year.  Just in time for all your holiday needs there are some new templates to print out.  We have everything from Thanksgiving cards and place cards to wrapping paper, yes wrapping paper, gift tags and seasonal greeting cards.

Just navigate over to the Template library to find all these great templates and printouts.  The new 2014 calendars are also available.  The calendars can make a great gift for your clients and customers and features beautiful sunsets for 2014.  All of these templates can be printed on your Xerox printer or multifunction device.  The greeting cards can even be customized.  I think I will be using one of the many designs for my holiday cards this year.  You get a great design but no glitter ( I guess you could glitter them if you like),  they are less expensive than those boxed cards and I can personalize the message for each person.

You can’t beat the gift tags.  You know those are just going to be thrown out with all the wrapping so why not just print out your own.  Cute designs and again less expensive.  So peruse  the template site and see which holiday items will work for you and check out all the business and education templates as well. The template library is a wonderful source of documents for all types of business, education and holiday applications.

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