Diagnosing E-mail Issues


E-mail is a great feature on the Xerox Multifunction devices but sometimes you might run into some issues with the setup.  We have some suggestions about what to look for to help fix the issues.  Please make sure that you go to the support page for your device and search on setting up e-mail.  The solutions will walk you through the process of setting up the feature. 

If you do encounter an error while setting up e-mail or when trying to send an e-mail please consider trying the Telnet test.  The Telnet test that will help you to confirm that the device is connecting to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.  In the Telnet test you can also send a test e-mail and further diagnosis issues.  This test is best performed  by your System or Network Administrator with knowledge of your e-mail server. 

The steps in the solution emulate what the printer does when it sends a scan to e-mail to your mail server. If an error is displayed, you will be able to see at which step of the process it is happening.  If the telnet test fails to establish a connection to the SMTP server, then the issue is not with the printer but with the e-mail server.  Contact your Network or System Administrator for additional assistance with the e-mail server issues. 

The telnet test solution is one of the items in the Online Support that will help you to set up e-mail.  The solution I have linked to is in the Phaser 3635 MFP support but you will find the solution in other support pages for devices with the e-mail feature.  Please search on “telnet” in the online support for your machine to find the solution. 

Below is the window that you will use to perform the telnet test.


If you are having issues with e-mail try the telnet test and see if that will help you or your administrator to isolate the issue and find the answer.  If not you can always contact us at your local support centre and we will be happy to try and get e-mail working for you.

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