Xerox Emulsion AggregateToner

Toner is the life blood of many of our printers.  We have unique toners known as the Emulsion Aggregate toner (EA Toner) and Emulsion Aggregate Ultra-Low Melt toner.  These toners are manufactured in an expanded plant in upstate New York.  I thought I would take this opportunity to explain what these toners are and how they work.  First let’s look at conventional toner.  Most conventional toner is manufactured by starting with just the right plastic, which is then melted mixing in pigment and special ingredients, and pulverizing the resulting block of composite plastic to a fine powder. Finally, the powder still has to be processed to remove oversized chunks and ultra-fine particles. This multi-step process results in non-uniform angular particles with a somewhat wide size and shape distribution.

EA Toner is a chemically grown toner comprised of very small and consistent particles.  The EA Toner requires no fuser oil and less toner per page to produce sharper color images than traditional toner, for superior image quality.

The advantages of EA Toner include:

  • Sharper, more uniform image quality
  • Improved fine lines and text
  • Faster warm-up time
  • Less Waste
  • May lower the total cost of ownership over the life of the machine

In addition to that, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in production is much less (about 65% of traditional method), and usage efficiency of toner in printing is higher. So, this is an environmentally friendly toner.

In EA Ultra-Low Melt toner, the color material for magenta was changed and the reproducibility of red color was increased.  The toner also now generates brilliant colors with sheen and thickness; this was accomplished by making it easier to melt so that the surface of images becomes smoother. By adopting a new wax and optimizing the emulsion aggregation process to generate toner, the sheet stripping performance has been improved to enable smooth sheet stripping from a fuser roll in the fusing process which enables high image quality and high productivity at the same time.

The EA Toner is available for use in many of our machines.  Please check your printer or multifunction printer product brochure or specifications found on the support page for your printer to find out if your machine uses the EA or EA Ultra-Low Melt Toner.

Now let’s see why we recommend that you always use genuine Xerox Toner!!


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