Relax with LANFax


LANFax stands for Local Area Network Fax, which is a feature on networked Xerox Multifunction Printers (MFP) that have faxing capabilities.  The feature enables you to fax a document directly from your PC without ever printing the document or going to the Xerox MFP.  Through the driver for the MFP you can send a document via fax to other fax machines.  The LANFax feature is only used to send faxes.  This feature may be available on your MFP if you have the fax feature available and enabled, a phone line attached to your machine and your MFP is on the network. 

To send a fax this way all you have to do is open the document to be faxed, select print, make sure your fax enabled MFP is selected as the printer and select properties.  On the properties screen select Fax as the job type, then enter the fax recipient information and send the fax.  It is fast and easy!! Below is a sample of the screens you will see.  As always your screens may vary depending on the machine and driver you are using. 











The recipient will receive the fax as a normal fax and you never had to print it out.  The LANFax method of faxing will save you paper, supplies, time and effort.   

Specific instructions can be found in the Online Support section for your product.  Search for LANFax or LAN Fax.

Sit back, relax and LANFax!

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