New Phaser 3610 Printer and WorkCentre 3615 Multifunction Printer

Two new printers have joined the family.  Both are fast and efficient and great for the small and medium sized business that wants high quality and professional looking documents with a small footprint. 

The Phaser 3610 Printer and WorkCentre 3615 Multifunction Printer (MFP) are small but fast black and white printers.  With a print speed of up to 47 pages per minute the printers are fast and can print on legal as well as letter and custom sizes.  The printers can be configured with up to three additional 550 sheet paper trays for a total of up to 2,350 sheets to cater to heavy workloads.  Please take a look at the product brochure for all the specifications for these machines. 

The WorkCentre 3615 MFP  includes the additional features of copy, scan, email and fax.  Another convenient feature on the WorkCentre 3615 MFP is the ability to program the next job while others are in progress, this can save you time. 

Both devices have the option of Wi-Fi so that they can reside anywhere in your office without having to be hard wired to the network.  Apple Air-print is also available on both devices so that email and documents can be printed directly from mobile iOS devices when connected to the office network. 

Another feature that the two have in common is the Secure Print features that allows you to print a document to the printer but have that document held at the printer until you are at the device and enter a code to release the job to print.  This feature makes sure that confidential information is kept that way and also keeps documents away from prying eyes that may exist in your offices. 

For all the information you need about these new printers please visit the Phaser 3610 Printer or WorkCentre 3615 Multifunction Printer page where you will find valuable information and specifications.  Please also take a look at the brochure and visit the support pages to the Phaser 3610 and the WorkCentre 3615 MFP.

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  1. Sérgio October 1, 2014 - Reply


    I have a couple of Phaser 3610 devices, with the latest firmware version.

    It is possible to clone the devices?


    • Cheryl Otstott October 2, 2014 - Reply

      Hi Sergio,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. No the Phaser 3610 does not have the clone feature.

  2. Marg January 23, 2018 - Reply

    Copies are coming out dirty. How do you clean the rollers etc.

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