Xerox Secure Print: Your Document’s Super Hero

The Super Hero that is Secure Print is: Easier than a cryptogram, More powerful than a snooping co-worker, Able to secure data in a single, simple process, It’s a trick!?  It’s an illusion!? No! It’s Secure Print!

Secure Print works by allowing you to assign a password / PIN (Personal Identification Number) to the document when you send it to the printer.  The document will not print till you walk up to the printer and release the document to print using the password / PIN you assigned.  The secure print feature is activated in the driver when you send the job to print.  I have included a sample driver screenshot here but as always models and drivers differ so your screen may look different.  To get more information please go to the support page and enter your model number and then search on “Secure Print”  to see if the feature is available and if so, how to use the feature.

This is a great feature to use for any document that has sensitive information, for example documents containing credit card numbers, social security numbers, confidential work product, medical information or simply your weight.   It will also keep the office snoop (you know every office has one!) from reading your documents.  Short of Invisible ink, which we do not have for our printers (note to R&D!) this is a great way to safeguard your document.  The feature will also keep your document from walking away in the hands of someone else because you will be there when it prints.  You can also send several documents to the printer and they will not print till you are at the printer to release them.   Below  is a video about Secure Print.  The video shows a WorkCentre 7525/7530/7535/7545/7556 but the principles are the same for other products that have the Secure Print feature. 

Check out this great feature now!

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