Do you remember the Push Me Pull You llama from the Dr. Doolittle movie?  I know I am aging myself but that llama reminds me of the Xerox Pull Print Driver.  The Pull Print Driver allows you to “push” your job to a queue at your server and then “pull” it at the Xerox printer convenient to you.  The Xerox Pull Print driver allows users of popular “Pull Printing” solutions to use one single, configurable print driver for their printing needs with compatible Xerox Printers and Multifunction Printers.

Why use the Pull Print driver? Well this driver simplifies deployment and usage for both IT and end users who use solutions such as Xerox Secure AccessEquitrac Office, and YSoft SafeQ, just to name a few. You can go to the Xerox device and simply authenticate yourself and then select from a list of jobs at the server and release the job to the device.  So you can be at a device on another floor or building.  You no longer are tied to the printer down the hall, your jobs follow you.

The driver allows for  all the productive features of compatible Xerox printers and MFPs, including finishing, simplex/duplex printing and environmental settings. The driver is smart too. If a job with finishing options is selected to be released at a printer or MFP without a finisher, the device will ignore the finishing command and deliver plain prints. That means you do not have to go back to your desk, change the options and send the job again.  That saves you time and frustration!.

For more information on the Xerox Pull Print Driver check out the website for this driver.  On the website you can find more information, download the driver and find the list of compatible devices.  There is also  brochure that provides more information about the Pull Driver.  If you are not sure this is the correct solution for you check out the driver comparison fact sheet to see which driver(s) are best for your environment. As always if you have further questions you contact your local support centre.