Xerox ConnectKey™ – Let’s Sum it Up

We have come to the end of our ConnectKey journey.  I would like you to watch one last video that sums up the key points of the new ConnectKey technology.

ConnectKey offers so much that one short video can only hit the highlights so please consider reviewing the ConnectKey website and the ConnectKey brochure.  I have been writing a series of articles about ConnectKey to help familiarize you with the features and functions of Xerox ConnectKey.  Feel free to reviews these articles for more information.  Here are the titles and links to the blogs that have been published:

Remember that informational  videos are included in each article.  The Xerox ConnectKey is a wonderful technology that brings many features to your fingertips.  Now I am sure you are wondering how you go about getting ConnectKey.  Here is a list of the machines that are now available with ConnectKey.

I hope that I have answered some questions you may have had about ConnectKey or that I have gotten you interested in looking into ConnectKey for your business.

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