Xerox ConnectKey™ Helping you Save Time and Money

In our continuing series on ConnectKey™  today we will be talking about the features available to help you manage your printer and thereby save time and money.   Please watch this short video and then we will explore some of the features.

ConnectKey has a robust user permissions.  This will allow you to control how, when and how much people can print.  The permissions will let you control things like duplex printing saving on paper.  You can also control how and when people can print in color.  For example you can restrict some types of documents like email to printing only in black and white.  While allowing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to print in color.  You can also decide when color printing will be available to keep people from printing in color after hours.

ConnectKey can also help you restrict who accesses the machine.  With a card reader over 85 card types can be read to enable users to log into the device using a proximity card, student ID, or security card.  Using the Card reader provides  a secure method of authentication, tracking usage and billing.

ConnectKey multifunction printers are compatible with Cisco® EnergyWise, an energy management solution that allows IT operations and facilities to measure and fine-tune power usage to realize significant cost savings. For example, with Cisco energy management solutions, you can set power states for the multifunction printer for optimal power savings. You can also set the multifunction printer to go to sleep mode after 10 minutes, get current power consumption information, and set timeout to low power and sleep modes.

Other money saving features include the Earth Smart settings in the print drivers, Accounting capabilities for accurate billing and default settings that can enforce the use of duplex or double sided prints.  To find out more about these specific features you can search on the support page for your machine.

You can also check out the ConnectKey site and brochure for additional information.

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