The Key to Security? Xerox ConnectKey™


Xerox has a new key to security for your data and business.  We reviewed the new ConnectKey in an overview article last week.  Today we are going to the explore the security features in more detail.  The new Xerox ConnectKey offers security similar to that for a PC but this security is for your multifunction printer.  This security will help to keep viruses and malware from attacking your multifunction printers.  ConnectKey also controls access to end points on the network making the multifunction printer a fully secured network citizen.

So how does this work? Well, Xerox, through ConnectKey is the first company to offer McAfee whitelisting technology for multifunction printers.  This insures that only approved and predefined applications, files and code will run on your Xerox multifunction printers.  The multifunction printers will also detect and prevent unauthorized access and send you alerts.  To learn more about how the partnership between Xerox and McAfee works to protect you check out the webpage.

The ConnectKey multifunction printers also include the Cisco TrustSec®.  Cisco TrustSec®  is an intelligent access control solution.  With minimal effort Cisco TrustSec® mitigates security risks by providing comprehensive visibility into who and what devices are connecting across your network.  It also offer control over where those with proper permission can go and what they can access.

There are also several standard security features that begin working to secure your data as soon as you power on the ConnectKey multifunction printer.  These features include 256 bit HD encryption with overwrite, secure print with timeout deletion and secure external email connectivity that encrypts data transfer.  Check out this short video to find out more about some of these security features.

As always you can find out more by visiting the ConnectKey site .  As always there are support pages available for many of the features of ConnectKey. You can also find more information about security at the Xerox Security site.  With ConnectKey you can continue to safeguard your data against the “Curious Kelly” and anyone else that would try access your information.

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