Color as Easy as Saying What You Want


Color By Words makes adjusting the color on your prints easy.  With Color by Words you use natural language to adjust and refine the color on your prints.  The Color by Words technology is part of more of our printers and multifunction devices.  Several of the latest products to have Color by Words.  The  feature can be seen in Phasers, WorkCentres and ColorQubes.  Using Color by Words allows you to adjust the color of the prints without affecting the original file.

You can manipulate the color through the use of simple natural language instructions chosen from a few simple pull-down menus.  Here are samples of the menus:

As you can see you simply describe what you want the colors to do and the Xerox Printer will adjust accordingly.  It is really an amazing and intuitive way to adjust color.

As an example I made an extreme change to the pictures below.  All I did was choose Change all green colors completely to purple there you have purple “green” bell peppers!  The changes can be major as in this example or they can be subtle or somewhere in between.  Try it for yourself and see how easy it is to make color changes without having to know all the technical ins and outs of color and color theory.

If you would like additional information about Color by Words explore the website, take a look at the brochure or go to the support pages for the machines that have Color by Words and search on “Color by Words”.  Now here is a short video on Color by Words.

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