The Xerox WorkCentre 7800 family is a new product in the WorkCentre line of multifunction devices.  This device has some new and helpful features.  The WorkCentre 7800 family is a family of color, tabloid size, multifunction devices.  The 7800 family has the Color by Words technology that lets you adjust colors by using real terms to change or enhance the colors in your documents.  You can read more about Color By Words and use the interactive demo to learn more about this feature.

The WorkCentre 7800 family also the new Xerox® ConnectKey™ Controller.  We will have an article soon about this new technology.  The machine also has many environmentally friendly features including an LED scanner with power consumption that is 1/3 of traditional scanners using fluorescent lamps.

As for learning the machines features and functions there is a comprehensive training video available.  The video is split into sections so that you can just watch the part that you need or you can watch the whole thing to receive overall training on the product.   The training video compliments the how to videos also available on the support page for the machines.

The user manual for the machine has an extensive troubleshooting section should you ever find yourself having an issue with machine.  The online support also has a robust database of how tos and solutions for the machine available to you 24 hours a day with the click of the mouse or touch of the screen.  On the machine itself there is also troubleshooting information right there on the display of the machine.

Please take a look at all this machine has to offer by looking at the page for the WorkCentre 7800 family, the brochure and the support page.  As always if you have any questions or concerns you can always contact us.  The video below is an example from the training video, this section addresses Support and the built in help available at the machine.  I hope you enjoy this little video and remember you can watch the whole training video by navigating to the video tab from the support page for the WorkCentre 7800.