The Xerox CiPress™ 500 and 325 Single Engine Duplex (SED) Production Inkjet Systems Arrive!


New machines have been added to our Production line.  The Xerox CiPress 500 and the Xerox CiPress 325 Production Inkjet System use waterless ink technology to produce vibrant color on low cost plain paper.  Last time we talked about solid ink now we have waterless ink!  Will wonders never cease!  The waterless inks are dry granules that feed easily and melt quickly. The granules are easy to store and refill, you can even refill on the fly.  The ink dispensing drums are permanent fixtures and therefore do not require recycling.  The drums are refilled using easy to handle 10 kilo (~22 lb) containers.  Storage is no problem because the waterless inks have no restrictions on shelf-life.

Take a look at the video below for information on the CiPress and the waterless ink.

So why is waterless the way to go?  The key benefit is the elimination of water so that vibrant, consistent color can be printed on low-cost, offset paper that comes out flat with no ink soaking through.  The waterless ink also has the highest de-inkability rating from the International Association of the Deinking Industry (INGEDE).   What is de-inkability?  That means that deinking  is easier letting the printed paper be recycled.  Deinking is the key process in paper recycling. Hydrophobic (water-repellent) ink particles are separated from hydrophilic (water-wettable) fibers.  Deinking is not fully possible with most water based inks so the dyes and ink particles too small to be removed have no other exit during the recycling process than the fibers. The dyes and ink particles stain the recycled material just as red socks dye the underwear in the washing machine. This can cause recycled paper to look drab and not bright white.  This is an issue recyclers have been struggling with for over 20 years.  But this is not an issue with the Xerox waterless ink.

What else will you find with the new Xerox CiPress 500 and the Xerox CiPress 325?  The machines have an intelligent system that continuously monitors every page it produces and self-adjusts if an ink nozzle isn’t firing properly. There’s more uptime and less operator involvement to maintain performance.

The product was developed using more than 2,000 patents leading to a robust print head design.  There are 56 durable piezo-electric, drop-on-demand print heads with more than 49,000 nozzles jetting nearly two billion ink drops per second. Each drop hits the paper with precise pixel placement.  An intelligent scan bar checks billions of ink droplets per second so they appear exactly where they should as the printer produces more than 2,000 color images per minute on the CiPress 500 and more than 1300 color images per minutes on the CiPress 325.  These are great products, make sure review all the information available on the product pages including a video tour, to find out all the features and advantages of these machines.

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