Wireless Printers – Xerox Has Them!!

Everything is wireless these days.  Of course that means I lose a lot of stuff, remotes, controllers, etc.  But now your printer can go wireless to, little chance of losing your printer.  Of course it will still have to be plugged in to the power outlet; we have not gone battery operated!  But going wireless will give you more choices in the placement of your printer because you will not need to have the printer at a network drop. 

The Xerox WNA-100 wireless network adapter works with most Ethernet-enabled Phaser printers or multifunction devices and includes CentreWare® Internet Services (CWIS) embedded web server to allow you to configure and manage the device from any Web browser on your network.  The device is easy to set-up and configure with the CWIS and supports wireless security standards including WEP, WPA, and WPA2.  The device supports 802.1x port based network access control protocol.  The WNA-100 is compact weighing in at 3 lbs. and measuring just 9.5 in. high, 3 in. wide and 7.5 in. deep, so it will fit almost anywhere.   For more details on the device please read the brochure for the WNA-100.

Xerox has also launched some machines that have an internal wireless network card as an option for the machine. For example the Phaser 4600/4620 has the internal wireless network card as an option.  We have also launched some machines that come standard with Wi-Fi connectivity for instance the WorkCentre 3045

Please check out the Wireless Network Adaptor page to see a list of the machines that are compatible with this device or go to the support page for your machine and search on “wireless” to see if your machine is compatible,  has the wireless option or comes standard with Wi-Fi.

So consider going wireless and set your printer or multifunction device free from the ties that bind and allow it to live where you need or want it not where your network drop resides.

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  1. Mohamed March 5, 2018 - Reply

    hi all,
    i have the 3045 but i cant active the wireless although i red everything related to wi fi connection
    need your support please

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