What is Your Cereal?

Okay now that you have thought about your favorite cereal, one of mine is Lucky Charms they are “magically delicious”.  But we are talking about serial numbers, not as tasty but very important.  If you are calling in or e-mailing in for support or requesting service you will need the serial number of your machine.  There are many occasions on which you may be asked for the machine serial number.  The serial number is the way we keep track of many things about your account and machine.  Serial numbers are comprised of letters and numbers.  The serial number of your machine is easy to find and there are several places that you can find the serial number.  Watch this video about how to find the serial number on the WorkCentre 7500 family to get an idea about what we are looking for.

The serial number is on the configuration or settings report of your machine.  That report is a good thing to have on hand when you call in as well because it offers so many details about the settings of your machine.  To find out how to print out the configuration or setting report please go to the support page for your machine and search on “configuration or settings report”.

You can also find the serial number on the display of the machine and on a plate or sticker inside or on the back of the machine.  Again to find these locations of the serial number please go to the support page for the machine and then search on “Serial Number”.  The solution will walk you through finding the serial number on your machine.  The serial number is also found on the first screen of the CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS).  You might find it helpful to keep a file of the configuration reports for your machines or a list of the serial numbers so that you will have them when you need them.  Before you call for anything concerning your printer or multifunction device please try to have your serial number handy, it will makes things go smoother and help us to help you.


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