Print on 4 sides with my Xerox printer? Who knew?

Today I thought I would reprise an article written by a Guest Blogger Fred Ramsey about some of the cool media applications available for use on your multifunction devices and printers.  Some of these would make great little gifts this holiday season.  So here is the original article.

– Submitted by Fred Ramsey, Xerox marketing product manager

In fact, there are dozens of cool creative media applications that work with most Xerox printers.  How do they do that?  It’s not a new-fangled printer or MFP.  But, the innovation is built right into the media–Instructions, folds, adhesives.

No special equipment needed. Truly, the only limit is your creativity! You just have to buy a box of these special stocks and you are ready-to-go.

2-Dimension prints – Try Xerox SportsPix – Pre-scored. Create Sports cards at your desk.  Try polyester wall clings or window cling media.

3-Dimension prints – Try Xerox AccordionPix – A pre-scored, 3-D display application– Display menus, family pictures, and of course promotions. Just imagine the low cost display possibilities

4-Dimension prints – Try Xerox FunFlip – The origami of media applications. An unforgettable, interactive, 4 sided, dimensional application. Perfect for product promotions, business cards, company presentations and party favors.

A few inexpensive creative ideas to ponder using the Xerox Color 550/560

How do you make a FunFlip?  Check out this quick clip and see how it’s done!

A full PDF catalog of ideas is available.


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  1. mitz November 26, 2012 - Reply

    This application is simply wonderful…. I love the idea of doing the fun flip… It’s great to be a part of an innovating company as Xerox…

  2. Antoine Dubuc May 30, 2017 - Reply

    Could we have a link to a sample pdf for a 3×3 square funflip?
    This is to show an iGen prospect with a large realty marketshare.

    • Cheryl Otstott May 31, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Antoine,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. I do not have a link to a funflip template. There is a video that you can find on the YouTube Channel for QDoxs, a Xerox sales agency, that demonstrates how the funflip works.

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