Booklet Printing is a Snap on Your Xerox Printer

Have you explored the world of printing booklets on your Xerox Multifunction Printer?  You can create great booklets for use in presentations, concerts, school or church functions or even a political rally just to name a few.  Booklet printing can also be used for creating greeting cards.  There are many uses for the booklet format.  By using booklet printing you can print a multiple page document into a format that will allow you to fold the pages in half after printing and create a booklet.  If you have one of the optional advanced finishers on your machine you may be able to have the machine fold and even staple the booklets for you.

The booklet printing feature is found in the product’s print driver. There are different settings to allow you to control things like the amount of space in the gutter, the space between the printed area and binding, of the booklet to whether or not to include covers of a different paper type or color with your booklet.  Now not all machines will have all features so please consult the documentation and online support for your specific model.  I have included a couple of videos on the subject of printing booklets.  The first video is geared towards a WorkCentre 5755 and walks you through printing a booklet with covers.   If you do not have a WorkCentre 5755 your screens may look different but the concept is the same.

The second video is shown on the ColorQube 9200 series but will give you the general idea on what to do and look for in your machine’s print driver to print a booklet.

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  1. […] Xerox allows you to easily create booklets, which can be great options for presentations, concerts and more. You can also use the booklet printing feature when you want to make greeting cards. This is a driver features, available on machines like the WorkCentre 5755 and ColorQube 9200. For more information, give us a call! You can also check out these videos from Xerox. […]

  2. marty December 11, 2014 - Reply

    Hi, we have a Xerox 7835 work center. Couldn’t get the booklet to print the way in the video, nor could carr Xerox services!

    Instead of one page being printed on each side of a tabloid paper, two are printed on each side! Two on the left, rotated into a portrait position, and two on the right, likewise.

    tried all sorts of settings and drivers (PS, PCL, ….) and paper setting / document setting etc….

    any ideas how to get this working?

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