Xerox Is Mobile: Xerox Mobile Print Solution

Chances are several of you are reading this on a handheld or mobile device of some kind.  Those little addictive devices seem to have taken over the world and our lives.  Do you ever wish you could print something from your mobile device?

Well then you need to look into our solution called Xerox Mobile Print Solution (MPS) that works with your mobile devices.  So now you are asking what is Xerox Mobile Print Solution?  MPS is a solution that allows you to print a document from any e-mail enabled device including your Smartphone, iPad®,tablet,  laptop or desktop computer.  This is a great solution for today’s mobile workforces looking for more flexible ways to print.  The Xerox MPS works with Printers and Multifunction printers that have the EIP enabled.  We have spoken before  about Extensible Interface Platform (EIP).  Xerox Mobile Print Solution is just one of many solutions that leverage the EIP technology.

With this solution, as with most of our products, there is a knowledgebase to help answer any questions you may have when using this product.  How does MPS work?  Simply email your document. You don’t have to decide where you want it to print until you are ready to pick it up. In response to the email, you will receive a confirmation email with a secure confirmation code. To print, simply select Mobile Print on your Xerox EIP enabled multifunction printer (MFP), enter the confirmation code, and select the documents to print, and the output settings (duplex, collate, staple, etc.) right at the MFP.  To see the MPS in action please watch this video part 2 Mobile Print Demo in the 5 part series of the Elle And Mo Series “Mobile Gets Real”.

Want to see the demo in more detail and interact with it?  Please take a look at the Mobile Print Solution Demo site .  Once you get to the site select the demonstration tab to go through the interactive demo.  Xerox Mobile Print Solution is simple, you do not have to search for printer information and you don’t have to rely on anyone else for printing tasks.  The Xerox MPS is secure because documents are only printed after the confirmation code is entered at the printer.  Look into Xerox Mobile Print Solution for your mobile printing needs.

Did you know that figures from market analyst firm Canalsys reveal that  487.7  million smartphones were shipped in 2011, compared to 414.6 million PCs.  63.2 million of those PCs shipped in 2011 were Tablets.  That is over half a billion mobile devices, no matter how you look at it that is a lot of mobile devices!!

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  2. Dan December 16, 2012 - Reply

    Xerox, here’s an idea for you to strive for! Make it simple for users to print from a mobile device! It seems that your current solutions are tailored to enterprises and limited to select devices. The killer solution is to develope ao free app that users can download that links to xerox IP/print drivers and allows for true mobile printing. Doesn’t look like you are there yet! Good luck, the clock is ticking and you still don’t have a consumer connection to the mobile landscape!

    • Cheryl Otstott January 2, 2013 - Reply

      Hi Dan,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. We have several mobile print solutions, maybe one of the others will fit your needs. Please take a look at the offerings on the Mobile Print page at I hope you find something that will meet your needs.

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