Print Your Book On Demand – Espresso Book Machine a Xerox Solution

No, we have not gone into the coffee making business but have you heard about the Espresso Book Machine™?  I have no idea why it is called Espresso, maybe because you can now print a book in the time it takes to make an espresso about five minutes from click to clunk.  What does 5 minutes from click to clunk mean?  It means that you can choose or click on the book you want to print from the EspressNet™ software system developed by On Demand Books included with the Espresso book machine.

EspressNet  connects machines to a vast repository of content, allowing customers to access millions of copyrighted, public-domain and self-published books and print it, then clunk,  the sound of the book being delivered to the output slot. There are books available from out of print titles, hard to find technical books to fiction.  You can even upload your own book to be printed bringing self-publication in to an easy economical process.  The Espresso Book Machine uses a Xerox D95/D110 Copier/Printer to print paperback books.

The Espresso Book Machines are beginning to show up in libraries, book stores and college campuses around the world.  I know that e-readers and tablets with book functions  are a big deal these days, but there are some of us that still love the feel of the pages or need the hard copy for the highlighting and note making.  These paperbacks are economical and recyclable.  For the libraries, bookstores and other retailers that have the Espresso Book Machine it means not having to have a vast store with thousands of books that may or not sell or be of interest to your customers.  All you need is a relatively small space for the Espresso Book machine and you can print and sell books on demand.   If you already have one of these machines make sure you check out the support pages for the Espresso Book Machine and the Xerox D95/D110 Copier/Printer, there you will find specifications, how to  and  troubleshooting information. I have included a video that will show you the machine and explain how it works.

Now go out and write that book you have been meaning to write and get it published on the Espresso Book Machine!


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