Note:  There is an updated blog article regarding the System Administrator username and password. Please see the new article for the latest information.

Do you know how to log in as the System Administrator on your Xerox printer or multifunction device?  The system administrator mode allows you to use many accounting and security features and gives you access to change default modes on the machine.  The machines come with a default username and password.  We recommend that you change the password to something unique to limit access to the people you choose to have the ability to change settings on the machine or in the system administrator areas of the machine.  Changing the password can also protect you and the printer/multifunction printer from potential security breaches.  When you change the password please make sure you remember what it is, if it is lost or forgotten service will be required to reset the password.

To find out what the default username and password are you can search on username or password on the support page for your model of machine.  The username and password for the machine is the same as the one you would use when making changes in the CentreWare Internet Services.  The username and password are needed to access the Tools mode on the user interface at the machine.  So this username and password are important in the configuration and the security of your machine.  We have a video that shows how to login at the machine as the system administrator.  The video is for the  WorkCentre 7500 series but the concept is the same on all the products, but the screens may vary on your machine.

Please always remember to log out of the system administrator mode to safeguard your machine.  If you have any questions about the system administrator logon or how to change the password from the default, please look at the support page for your machine.