Have you ever needed to copy an id card on to a single sheet of paper?  I was in the doctor’s office the other day and they needed to copy my insurance card and my license.  I watched as the assistant placed the card on the glass and pressed copy.  Then she took the paper and put it back in the paper tray, flipped my card moved it down to a place they had marked by a post-it note and then pressed copy again.  So this worked but took a long time to do both cards.  I wanted to tell her there was an easier way, get a Xerox product with the ID card feature.   The ID card feature takes all the guess work out of where to place the card on the glass and there is no putting the paper back in the paper tray. 

The instructions are easy for ID card copying.  No reloading the paper, no changing the position of the card, the machine takes care of all of that for you.  The instructions below are the basic steps.  Please search on ID card at the support page for your machine for the exact steps for your copier or multifunction device model. 

To use the ID Card Copy feature:

  1. Press the [ID Card Copy] button on the Control Panel. “Place Front Side and Press Start” will be displayed on the Display Screen.
  2. Place the ID card on the Document (Scanner) Glass, with the first side to be copied facing down. The ID card should be centered in the left half of the glass, with the short edge of the card facing the front of the machine.
  3. Press the [Start] button to copy the first side of the ID card. After the scanning has completed, “Place Back Side and Press Start” will be displayed.
  4. Turn the ID card over and place it in the same location on the Document Glass again, with the second side to be copied facing down.
  5. Press the [Start] button. The second side of the ID card will be scanned, and the copy of both sides of the card will be printed.

Check it out for yourself and see if this could be a helpful feature in your workplace.