Annotation, Dates and Bates Stamping

What is an annotation?  According to  Annotation – [an-uhtey-shuh n]–noun  1. a critical or explanatory note or body of notes added to a text.  2. the act of annotating.

 The Annotations feature on your Xerox multifunction printer enables you to automatically add a comment, page number, date or Bates Stamp to your copies. You can select any or all of these annotation options and decide where on the copies they should print. You can also select the appearance of the annotations such as the font size and font color if color copying is available on your machine.  Annotations are available in the Copy mode only.  Not all machines will have this feature, to find out if yours does please consult the documentation or the support page for your model.

The following is an example of the User Interface you might see when you are setting up annotations at the machine.  Your screens may vary depending on the model of your machine and the features available. 


Some of the annotations that may be available to you include: 

The Page Numbers option will automatically print a page number at a specified position on the page.  The page number is even printed on both sides of a 2 sided copy.  The 2 sided copies will count as two pages and number accordingly.

The Comments option will add a comment using alpha-numeric characters in a specific position on the page.  An existing comment can be added or a new comment can be created and edited.

 The Date option will add today’s date in a specified format and position on the page. The date printed is the date set on your device.

The Bates Stamp option will add a selected Bates Stamp in a specified position on the page. Bates Stamping is used primarily in the legal and business fields and consists of a set prefix (such as a case number or client reference) together with a page number applied to a document as it is being copied.  The prefix can contain alpha-numeric characters. You can add a new prefix or choose an existing one from the list provided.  The picture to the right shows an example of a Bates Stamp. 

Annotations are a handy option for your copies and it will let you tell which is the copy and which is the original.  It is hard to tell sometimes!!

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  1. agentsupport August 17, 2012 - Reply

    This feature of annotation is useful for the operator as he/she can add personal remarks about any machine operation using this feature, if some feature is in technical code, then one can add text using this feature and can ease its operatons.

    • Cheryl Otstott August 17, 2012 - Reply

      Hi Agentsupport,
      Thanks for reading the At Your Service blog. You are correct the annotation feature is very useful for many operators.

  2. JimT January 31, 2013 - Reply

    This is nice, but it does not allow you to put COPY in the middle of the page at a 45 degree angle in color, like my internal customer would like to have. Any other solutions on a 9203?

    • Cheryl Otstott January 31, 2013 - Reply

      Hi JimT,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. You should be able to st up the watermark COPY in color at a forty-five degree angle. Please check out the instructions for creating a watermark for the ColorQube 9203. If this does nto help please consider contacting your local support centre.

  3. Jacque April 6, 2016 - Reply

    How can I set up my DC125 or DC95 to do annotations with carbon copies? So printing same number 2-4 times?

  4. Juliana November 21, 2017 - Reply

    Can I bate stamp pages that I’m printing from a file or do I have to print out the pages then bate stamp them? I have 600 pages.

    • Cheryl Otstott November 29, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Juliana,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. You do not mention which machine you are using. It will depend on the machine. Please go to the support page for your machine and search on “bates stamp”.
      If the problem continues please consider contacting your local support centre.

  5. Jennifer February 13, 2018 - Reply

    I’m using a Xerox5875 (or rather, testing one to see if it fits our needs). Does the Bates Stamp have to be the same on all documents? Or can it be programmed to change from document to document? It doesn’t appear the page number function does this.

    What I *really* need was called “copy-set numbering” on our old Canon. Say we’re printing 10 10-page documents. Each document already has page numbers on it. What we need is Document 1 to have 0001 printed on the upper-right of all pages, Document 2 would have 0002, Document 3 would have 0003, etc.

    Is this a function Xerox supports?

    • Cheryl Otstott February 27, 2018 - Reply

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thank you for reading the At Your Service blog. Please take a look at the Bates Stamp solution for the options available.
      Please consider contacting your local support centre for further assistance.

      • Jennifer August 15, 2018 - Reply

        The Bates Stamp is like page numbering. It will consecutively number each page within a document. I need “set numbering”–which is consecutively numbering documents. This seems to be a standard function on Canon and Ricoh but I can’t find something to do this in Xerox. Set numbering is very common in Universities as it is a way of tracking exams: John has Exam 01, Sam has Exam 02, where the Exams are identical except for the “XX” number in the corner.

        • Cheryl Otstott August 31, 2018 - Reply

          Hi Jennifer,
          Thank you for reading the blog. You do not mention which printer model you are using so I am unable to search for an answer for you. I am not sure if or which machines doe the set numbering. Please consider contacting you local support center for assistance.

  6. Dan May 11, 2018 - Reply


    We have the AltaLink C8070. The bate stamp and comments option places the text too low on the page. When copies or scans of the page are printed, the bate stamp and comments get cut off.

    How can I modify how low comments are placed at the bottom of the page?

    Thank you,

    • Cheryl Otstott May 30, 2018 - Reply

      Hi Dan,
      Thank you for reading the blog. Please make sure you are following the instructions for adding annotations (bates stamp, page numbers, etc.). Also make sure that you have the correct paper size chosen and that the paper is loaded correctly with the paper guides up against the paper in the tray. If this does not help please contact your local support centre for additional assistance.

  7. andy brown August 13, 2018 - Reply

    if you are stuck somewhere and don’t have any idea how to come out from that problem so i am also facing some issue in my printer which is continuously showing some error I called and told that my printer is in error state they solve my issue in few second.

    • Cheryl Otstott August 31, 2018 - Reply

      Hi Andy,
      Thank you for reading the blog. I am glad to hear that you had a good experience with the Support services and thank you for taking the time to let us know.

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