Have you heard about Print Around?  Print Around is a feature on many of our printers and multifunction printers that eliminates print bottlenecks.  The feature is automatically enabled and directs print job flow.  Print job flow can sometimes be like a traffic tie up.  If a car overheats and stalls you are not going to wait behind it till the tow truck comes and moves it are you? No, you are going to go around it, print around does that for your print jobs.   If a job is held because it needs resources, like we spoke about last week, or there is an error with that job the other print jobs will go around the held job but without the horn honking, muttering under the breath and potential obscene gestures that might be used in the traffic scenario.

This keeps your jobs flowing instead of stopping everything for an issue with one print job.  Print Around keeps you and your printer productive and avoids wasted time.   The best thing about Print Around is that it works with no actions by you.  It is automatic, how great is that?

Here are a couple of videos about Print Around with a different analogy, Football.  The second video shows a short demonstration of Print Around on a Xerox Multifunction Printer.  Search “Print Around”  with the quotation marks on Xerox.com for more information and to see if your machine has this feature.