In our past six blog articles we have explored Network / Workflow scanning.  Network / Workflow scanning seems to be the most popular type of scanning used on our multifunction machines.  But some of our machines have other scanning options available.  As always the availability of these other scan options will depend on your machine and the option you have purchased.  Here is a look at some other scanning methods.

Scan to USB:  This feature allows you to scan a document and store it to a USB memory device. 

Scan Using the TWAIN Driver:  TWAIN is an interface standard that allows imaging hardware devices (such as scanners and digital cameras) to communicate with image processing software. The Xerox Document Scan TWAIN driver allows TWAIN-compliant applications running on a Microsoft Windows XP or higher OS to access the Document Scanner on a network connected Xerox multifunction device. The TWAIN Scan Driver is configured by the Microsoft Windows Scanner and Camera wizard. The operating system determines the scan location on the computer; this cannot be modified by the user.

Before the TWAIN Scanner Template will display on the printer, the following has to be performed:

  • A Digital Certificate has to be created.
  • SSL must be enabled.
  • Scan Template Management must be enabled.

The TWAIN user interface varies widely between applications. Some TWAIN-compliant applications supply their own scanning user interface; others rely on the user interface built into the Xerox TWAIN driver. In some cases, the application has the ability to support both interfaces. Refer to the application’s documentation or contact the vendor directly for additional information.

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) driver: WIA is one of the standard components provided by Microsoft Windows XP Operating Systems (OS) SP1 and later, or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 OS and later and works with digital cameras and scanners. Unlike the TWAIN driver, the WIA driver allows you to scan and easily manipulate images without using additional software. When using the WIA driver the Xerox multifunction machine must be connected to the computer using a USB cable.

Those are the most common methods for scanning documents from your multifunction device.   There are other types of scanning for instance, scan to e-mail.  Please take a look at the recent article Scanning Basics; Setting Up Scan to E-mail on Your Multifunction Printer by James Dunn, a colleague on Office Solutions blog.  Scanning is a great feature that can speed up your work processes, lower costs and help you organize your documents.

This completes our Network / Workflow Scanning series.  We appreciate you coming along for the ride or read in this case.  As always for more information consult your user and system administrator guides and the online support knowledgebase for your machine all found at the support page for your machine.   Have a great St. Patrick’s Day and we will see you next week.