Scanning: Part 6 Using a Template to Scan

Okay so we have setup the network to receive the scans (see Scanning blogs Part 3 or Part 4), we have created the template to guide the scan (see Scanning blog Part 5) now it is time to scan!!  This is the easy part of the whole process.  You simply load the document to be scanned and select Workflow or Network Scanning on your control panel. If the Workflow / Network Scanning tab does not display, the Workflow or Network Scanning has not been installed.

Select the template you want to use for the scan job and press the Start button on the control panel.  Your job will be scanned and sent to the predefined destination.


Now you may be wondering what all those options are on the template tab.  Well you can override the template scan settings, changing the settings will only affect this one scan and will not change the settings in the actual template.  Permanent changes to the template can be made through the CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS). 

Once the document has been scanned, the images are automatically archived or published on a pre-determined network server.  The images can then be routed to a user’s computer for viewing or editing, integrated into your usual workflow with a variety of popular document management and workflow applications or sent to a network directory or filing location for later retrieval.  These are only a few of the things you can do with the image once it is scanned.   There are really numerous possibilities.  You can choose what you want to do to help your business operate more efficiently. 

Please join us for our final blog in the scanning series later this week. 


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