Creating a template is like having a tour guide for your document.  The template is a file that stores scanning and routing preferences for your scan. Basically the template tells the file where to go, what format to show up in and other options. The templates are set up in the CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS).  To access the CWIS you will need to have the IP address of the multifunction device (MFD).  This can be obtained by printing your configuration or settings report.  Also the file repository or share folder must already be setup before you create the template.  So make sure you have used the steps in the previous blog articles to set up either File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Server Message Block (SMB) scanning.  

Once you get to CWIS you will select the Scan tab on most products, again your exact instructions may vary depending on the model machine that you have.  Please search on the word “template” on your machine support page to find the complete instructions for creating a template. 

Select create / add template and there you will set up the template.  You will need those pieces of information that I asked you to take note of in the earlier scanning articles, namely the user name and password and the IP address or Hostname, you will use that information in setting up your template to tell the scans where to go to find your repository or shared folder on the network. 

Other options for your scans can also be set so that the scan arrives in the right place with the attributes you want.  These other attributes include but are not limited to the document naming convention, the document format, resolution and much more.  You can create individual templates for different jobs, departments or people as your scanning requires.  On most machines up to 250 templates can be created.  The templates are stored on the device or may be cached from a pool of templates pulled from a remote server.    Scanning will be more efficient if you create specific templates for your most frequent scanning jobs.  That is a quick look at templates. Take a look at the CWIS example below to see just some of the information about  your scan that you can include in your template. 

Next time we will look at how to use the template from your MFD to scan a document. 

Just a reminder totally off the subject, remember to Spring Forward on this Sunday March 11, 2012 if applicable to your area!!