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The results are in from our poll concerning what you would like to see covered in future blog articles.  The poll appeared in the January article Happy 2012!! Let’s Get to Work!!  It looks  like you want more information about scanning so that is what we will do.  Please look for a series on scanning in the very near future.  We will look at how to set up and use the scanning features on your Xerox multifunction devices. 

Scanning is an important feature but can be a little complicated; we will try to break it down so it is a little easier to understand. We will also look at how to use scanning to help you organize and archive your documents. Please realize that these short blog articles cannot explain everything or answer all your questions but we will try to explain scanning in simple concise terms.  Remember that instructions on all things scanning are available on the support page for your machine.  Simply look on the right in the “How to” section for the Scanning link, click on it for instructions about scanning. 

Shifting gears now, remember Valentine’s Day is around the corner; don’t forget to surprise the special people in your life with a valentine.  We have several valentine designs available in our template library.  You can choose a design you like, personalize it and print it out on your Xerox printer or multifunction device.  Valentines complete for all your loved ones in just a few minutes!  Check another “To Do” off the list. 

And while I am reminding you about things, don’t forget and please remember to subscribe to this blog so you will not miss any of the up coming scanning information. The subscribe function is on the right hand side of the blog.  Just enter your email address and you will receive an email when a new blog article is posted.  Your email address will not be used for any other reason.   So please sign up today and have a great Valentine’s Day!!


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