The videos are here, the videos are here!!  We have added a bunch of videos and animations to our online Support!  Okay so some of them have been here for awhile but there are many that are new.  The support pagehas been modified to make the videos easier to find.  There is now a video tab and on that tab you will see a thumbnail of the video, if a thumbnail is available. (See images below)  We have also included additional information about the video including the description, length of the video and links to cases and solutions that correspond to or supplement the video where applicable. These videos will walk you through features, how tos and maintenance procedures on your machine.  

Support page video tab


Example of video detail

Videos and animations have been created for some common topics. Things like how to sign on as the administrator, clearing jams and installing consumables are some of the subjects covered by these videos. 

The videos are available on many of our printers and multifunction devices.  Please check the support page and see if your machine has video content available.  If so then pop the popcorn, grab a beverage of your choice and sit back and watch the videos to get more great information about your system.