Dragon, Sushi and Thumb Flash Drives

I love those little Memory sticks or USB drives.  They are so handy and make data portable and easily accessible.  Did you know that many of the Xerox printer and multifunction devices can print from and / or scan to USB memory devices?  Just think of the many applications with which the USB feature can be used.  For instance, scan in documents for a presentation on your Xerox mulitifunction device to the USB drive and pop the drive in your pocket to use at the presentation location.  Or you can take a USB drive with documents you need stored on it and just pop the USB drive into a Xerox printer and print out the documents, no PC necessary.

Some of our printers will print from the drive and others will print from and scan to the drives, it all depends on the features available on your machine. You don’t even have to touch a computer. You can walk up, plug in your flash drive and print or scan your document using the user interface.  To find out what you can do with your USB drive and your Xerox machine please consult your manual or go to the Support Page for your machine and search on USB.  By the way remember you can find your user and administrator manual under the documentation tab on your machine support page.  If you have any questions about what you can do with the USB drive and your machine you can also contact support.

The USB drive capability adds even more flexibility to your Xerox equipment and increases the portability and convenience of managing your files.  For simple instructions watch the video below about how to print from an USB drive.  This video is for the WorkCentre 7500 family but the process is similar on other models.

Check out this feature and see how it might benefit you and your business.