Whose Fault Is It?

Picture it — You are having a perfectly calm and uneventful day and then it happens…a fault code on the printer!!  Your pulse quickens and your mind reels, you begin wondering what did I do?  What should I do?  Is the fault code my fault?  Has any one seen me here?  Can I get away with out anyone seeing me?  Well calm down take a deep breath and let’s try to make this a little easier. 

First a fault code on your Xerox printer and or multifunction device is not always as disastrous as you might imagine, no reason to slink away from the machine. The fault code is just a way for your machine to tell you there is a problem and it needs some help.  So next write down the complete code and any accompanying error message, the fault code will be numbers and/or letters and may include commas, periods or hyphens.  Then find a device on which you can access the internet.  At the computer or smart device go to Xerox.com and then select the Support & Drivers tab at the top.  Enter the model of your Xerox printer or multifunction device in the field provided and then select the machine and select Support.  On the machine support page you will see the “Search For Keyword or Phrase:” field.  You can enter the fault code there or right under that field you can click on the “Fault Code Search” link.  A new screen will be displayed where you can enter the fault code or you can scroll through all the codes looking for the one you wrote down from your machine.

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Fault Code Search Link

Once you locate the code in the list click on the link and you will be presented with solutions you can try to fix the issue causing the code.   Not all codes require service.  Many can be solved by the operator, that’s you.  So don’t slink away and leave it to someone else just look it up and give resolving the issue yourself a try.  It will get your machine up and running sooner and make you the office hero. 

But as always if you can’t get it working, give us a call at Xerox support and we will do what we can to fix the error.


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  1. Missy Rosenberry November 18, 2011 - Reply

    Good info, and I have used this system with some effect many a time. But unfortunately, a large percentage of the time there is no record of the fault code I ask about. It would at least be nice for the system to say, Um, no. You really can’t do anything about this. Don’t even try. You might hurt yourself. You need to call in the big guns.”

    Or something to that effect.

    • Cheryl Otstott November 18, 2011 - Reply

      Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for reading the At Your Service blog. I will escalate your concern to our support writers and see what we can do. You are right we do not include all the fault codes as there are quite a few. Some are meant to help the technicians diagnosis issues and do require the “big guns”. Which machine are you using? Let me know here and I will take a look at the codes and see what we can do. Thanks again CherylO

  2. Maria January 6, 2012 - Reply

    I’m a little slow on posting, but I’ve found that on different machines, you have to substitue “.”s for “-” or the other way around to get results in the lists.
    Also I’ve found that lots of them do say call support for a technician, but others do give us steps to try to resolve the issue as well.

    • Cheryl Otstott January 10, 2012 - Reply

      Hi and Thanks for reading the At Your Service blog. You can search for the fault codes in many ways. Sometimes I find going to the full list may be the easiest way to find the code I am looking for. Thanks for your comment and continue reading, we appreciate your commnets.

  3. aftab April 15, 2018 - Reply

    i found problem in my xerox 5775 coppiers its shows unavailable network and copying and printing not available also shows error code03-554.00 plz solve my problem thanks

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