I bet that title got your attention!!  You probably thought you were in the wrong blog, but you are in the right place.  The Xerox.com home page has been redesigned changing the look and feel of the web page.  The goal with this change is to streamline the site and make navigation easier.  We have moved some things around, so let me just review a few points so you know where to find your support services. 

As always the Support & Drivers link is displayed at the top of the page.  You can also find us under the “Manage” section of the site.  The Manage section also is the new home for My Support Portal, Security, Supplies, Meter reads and Recycling information. 

Another section to be aware of is the “Connect” section.  There you can access the blogs, and follow us on FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube.


Please explore all the new sections so that you will know where to find what you need.  If in doubt you can just type what you are looking for in the search field.  We hope that you like the new look and that you will take some time a look around.  Though some of the “furniture” has been moved around in our home we are still committed to providing you with as much information and support as we can for your Xerox products and services.  Thanks for choosing Xerox and enjoy our new homepage!!

Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.   –  Robert C. Gallagher