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It is that time of year again.  Most students are back in school or will be very soon.  What does that mean?  Lots and lots of paper is being used for everything from notes to tests to book reports and more.   It is time to look at your Xerox equipment and how you can use it to your best advantage in the school environment.

One of the best things you can do is scan in documents produced by your students to archive them; this will allow you to return the original to the student for their records and further studying.  You will have a scanned copy of the original anytime you might need to use the data.  Check out the scanning capabilities of your Xerox device by going to the support page for your machine and searching on scan or scanning.

Another great use for your machine of course is printing, duh!!  Your printer combined with the template library available at can give you the ability to print out awards, certificates of achievement and banners for your students.  There is also a section just for educationthat includes everything from bookmarks to binder covers to conference reminders and much, much more.   The possibilities are endless for the use of the printer.   All the items pictured below are available in the template library.

documents  certificates     Banners

apple posterDid you know that some of our machines have a poster output feature?    Use the Poster feature to print or copy a single-page document enlarged on to multiple sheets of paper for the purpose of pasting the sheets together to form one poster-size document.  Check your documentation or the support page for your machine to see if your machine offers the poster feature.   Below is an example of the copy output screen for posters on one of our machines, your user interface may display differently, but this gives you the idea of what the feature can offer.


Copying is another feature that can help make your teaching job easier and faster.  You can produce workbooks, pop quizzes and any other kind of handout.  Leverage all the great features of your Xerox equipment to help you with all the functions of your job.  I have included a video case study about the Lincoln, Nebraska Public School district.   The district found many advantages in teaming up with Xerox for all their document needs.  Take a look and maybe get some ideas that can help your school or district.

Teachers are remarkable people and need all the help they can get in preparing items to teach our children.  Xerox wants to help maximize your use of your Xerox equipment so please explore these options and contact us if you have any questions.  To all the teachers, administrators, students and parents out there have a great school year!!

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